Many people know

Steve Peck as one of the

east coast's premier luthiers,

but in addition to his excellent bass playing, he has a fine tenor voice and a killer yodel.  The influence of years of bluegrass and ​western music are quite evident in Steve's style.  You never know​ what he might have under his hat.  Steve & Debbe duets are not to be missed.


As the lone female Ranger,

Debbe Peck ties it all together with her solid,  expressive rhythm guitar and her soulful alto voice.   

   Country and western and bluegrass influences come through with her sometimes bluesy and sometimes folky delivery.  Tight harmonies are a big part of The FREE Rangers' sound.

Jim Norman, reso-representative for the Rangers, consistently wows the audience and the band members with his dobro and lap-steel prowess.

 A solid bluegrass and old-time background support his ability to play any kind of song and give it the haunting glide so favored by The FREE Rangers.

Ranger Rick Myers has a distinctive and jaw-dropping guitar style that weaves in and out of most tunes and a very pleasing baritone voice.  

He also has that uncanny ability to find the third part in most

any harmony, giving

The FREE Rangers a great vocal blend and stellar 3-part harmonies.